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Given that a recent KSDK report is leading to an ethics investigation of State Sen. Jim Lembke (R-St. Louis), you'd think he'd be a bit more careful about what he does and doesn't do, and what he says and doesn't say.

But then there's this from the book of faces:

From the looks of it, Jim Lembke is willing to accept cold hard $$$ in exchange for pushing for a ban on redlight cameras.  Wouldn't that usually be called a bribe?

Additionally, given all the issues that Missouri republicans seem to have with social media a la Birther Tim Jones and Peter the Tweeter, you'd think someone with some sense in the party would put a stop to the rampant misuse of the twittering and facebooking of some of their elected officials.  That said, for purely selfish reasons, I really hope they don't.

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