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David Pearce

Rep. Mike McGhee of Odessa was originally in the running for an AFL-CIO endorsement in his Senate District 21 primary against incumbent Sen. David Pearce of Warrensburg.  However, when the final recommendations were announced, no candidate was recommended in the GOP primary.

What changed in late June?  The announcement of McGhee’s endorsement by Rex Sinquefield’s Club for Growth PAC probably had something to do with it.  Sinquefield’s cash represents 99.7% of the PAC’s reported contributions for 2012, and all of the money the group has sent to McGhee and other candidates in the past few weeks was made possible by Sinquefield.

McGhee has tried to present himself as a not-so-extreme Republican at times, but the investments in his candidacy by Sinquefield, David Humphreys ($50,000 today) make it pretty clear that he’s positioning himself to be the radical right with candidate in the race against Pearce.


Other Sinquefield-endorsed candidates for Senate:

  • Senate District-1 Jim Lembke
  • Senate District-3 Gary Romine
  • Senate District-25 Doug Libla
  • Senate District-27 Ellen Brandom
  • Senate District-29 David Sater
  • Senate District-31 Ed Emery
  • Senate District-33 Ward Franz
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