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Anne Zerr

State Rep. Donna Lichtenegger (R-Jackson) shares the photo below on Facebook.  This is unacceptable on every level given the type of hate is spews and violence it encourages.  Assault and Battery = Attitude Adjustment? In what situation?  Absolutely none.  Same sex marriage = Legalized Perversion?  Really?!

Given that Lichtenegger posted this on at least Rep. Anne Zerr, Rep. Charlie Davis, and House Majority Leader Tim Jones' Facebook pages, it's clear she was pretty excited about sharing this with all her buddies.

And lest we forget, this isn't the first time Lichtenegger has posted something controversial on her page.  During her first month of being a State Representative, she exitedly posted about how much she loves lobbyists and all the free food and gifts she gets in doing her job as an elected official.

When are Republican leaders in Missouri going to call on their members to stop pushing this kind of hatred in the Show-Me State? I call on Speaker Steven Tilley and Majority Leader Jones to actively repudiate this sort of behavior and denounce Lichtenneger's actions and the hate she and others are promulgating.

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