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2010 Senate Race

Fox News has backed down in its "ridiculous" partisan lawsuit against the Robin Carnahan for Senate campaign, agreeing to a settlement with the campaign and walking away without any of the monetary damages it had sought. Fox and their lawyers are apparently unwilling to test their "dubious" and "strange" claims in court, and political speech remains protected.

As you may recall, Fox sued the Carnahan campaign in September, upset that they'd found footage of Sunday morning personal Chris Wallace committing journalism in a 2006 interview with Roy Blunt, questioning his credibility as a reformer in the House of Representatives.  Never mind that all sorts of Republican candidates, including Blunt, John McCain and other GOP candidates were allowed to use Fox footage for their campaigns without so much as a whimper from the propagandists.  (Also left unmentioned in the Fox complaint: their PAC has been donating to Blunt's campaigns for a decade.)

In the settlement, Fox News agreed to walk, and the Carnahan campaign agreed it had used more footage than a Democratic candidate for office is permitted if it wishes to avoid a retaliatory lawsuit from Fox.

No word yet on the current status of Wallace's "self esteem and dignity," which Fox alleged had been significantly damaged by the re-airing of his act of journalism.


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