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2010 Senate Race

The Globe and Southeast Missourian both have editorial today criticizing the extreme plan pushed by Senate candidate Ed Martin, Sen. Brian Nieves, Sen. Jason Crowell and Sen. Jim Lembke in which Missouri would reject $189M in federal education money to make some sort of point about federal spending  at the expense of Missouri's schoolchildren.  Lost on all of them, apparently, is the fact that their ideas would cause real harm in Missouri communities, and if the Show-Me State doesn't take the money, it just goes to other states. 

Here's what The Globe had to say:

It’s one thing to talk about excessive federal spending as a topic of election-time rhetoric. But political talking points are shaping up to become drastic cuts that will harm Missouri’s children...

One of the worst ideas involves sending it back...

We hope Missouri’s Republican lawmakers in the General Assembly remember that they were elected to represent Missourians, not the entire country. We need them to do what’s best for the Show-Me State, not try to address national political talking points.

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