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The Liberal Media

On KFTK this morning, Peter Kinder whined about his "rather expensive" and "very expensive private legal fees," and once again asked for people to donate to the opaque corporation he created to finance his Health Care Inaction lawsuit.

For the four billionth time:  Kinder's Health Care Inaction donations and expenses should be opened to the public.  It's essentially a slush fund at this point, created to finance an allegedly official action.  We have absolutely no idea who has donated the "six figures of support" to pay GOP attorney Thor Hearne, and have absolutely no idea how Kinder and David Barklage have spent that money.  He's able to get away with this because the press and public have not demanded that he let the sun shine in. 

Here's Kinder's full conversation with GOP mouthpiece Jamie Allman. 

Last week, you'll recall, Allman reamed Kinder for his "pansy move" and making "fools" of the sycophants like Allman who tried to defend his inappropriate travel expenses.  But that was last week.

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