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Top 10

Ready for another Top 10 list?  Here are ten stories that didn't get the coverage they deserved this year.  Please feel free to leave your thoughts/additions/replacements in comments....

10 - Tom Schweich's intellectual property audit
Schweich produced and releases a music video earlier this year about how much he loved freedom - but it turned out that Schweich didn't have the freedom to claim the music as his entirely his own.  A Fired Up! audit found that Schweich mislead reporters and the public about where he got the inspiration for the song.  In the end, Schweich's clip was pulled from YouTube for copyright violations, and the story ended there without any real follow-up with Schweich or his campaign.

#9 - How the Missouri GOP establishment co-opted the tea party fad
In a year when establishment Republicans struggled against outsider ideologues, Roy Blunt effectively avoided a real primary.  And the St. Louis Tea Party, purported to be one of the more vibrant tea party organizations in the country, is virtually indistinguishable from the Missouri GOP. 

#8 - What a smaller, outmatched press corps means for the democratic process
Our democracy needs more, better reporting -- not less. And the trend lines in Missouri don't look good... 

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