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Rep. Cloria Brown

As of 3PM this afternoon, Rep. Todd Akin was listing endorsements from legislators in Missouri's General Assembly including embattled Sen. Jim Lembke an anti-choicer who is facing the race of his life in Senate District 1 against Rep. Scott Sifton who thinks women can make their own decisions when it comes to health care.

Also listed are Sen. Luann Ridgeway, Rep. Charlie Davis, Rep. Bill White, Rep. Kathie Conway, Rep. Kurt Bahr, Rep. Cloria Brown, Rep. Gary Fuhr, Rep. Mike Kelley, Rep. Doug Funderburk, Rep. Mark Parkinson, Rep. Don Gosen, Rep. Dwight Scharnhorst, and Rep. Chrissy Sommer.

Do these folks still support Todd Akin? Do they support Akin's offensive comments regarding "legitimate rape?" We've heard crickets from these individuals on whether or not they continue to stand with their embattled senate nominee.

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