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Occupy Wall Street

Thousands of Americans area headed towards Washington, DC this week to Occupy Congress:

Piggybacking on the Occupy Wall Street movement, the three-day “Take Back the Capitol” protest will open Monday with construction of a “Peoples Camp” on the National Mall as a base of operations. On Tuesday, protesters will hit Capitol Hill to lobby members of Congress about extending federal unemployment benefits.

This afternoon, students, workers, unemployed Missourians and other concerned citizens will embark from Kansas City, head to St. Louis for a quick stop to pick up additional allies, and will then head to Washington, DC to take their message of economic equality for all to the halls of Congress.

Joining thousands of Americans making the trek to DC, and supported by millions more across the country, these Missourians will be making sure the voices of the 99% are heard and counter the influence of the 1%.

“I'm part of the 99 percent that politicians in Washington have been ignoring, and it is time that Congress listens to us, not just corporate lobbyists from K Street and their campaign contributions." said Jonathan McFarland of St. Louis. "We're going down there to the corridors of power to make our presence felt. We need good jobs and an end to foreclosures now.”

They will be joining the many community groups, unions, religious organizations, and unemployed workers going to the nation’s capital from December 5-9th to break the grip that corporate lobbyists have on Congress.

Citing the problem in Washington being that too many members of Congress listen to corporate lobbyists from K Street and their campaign contributions instead of the 99%, Occupy Kansas City, Occupy St. Louis and their allies in the Labor movement, veterans, students, clergy, retirees and others are insisting the 99% be heard and that congress work to create jobs, not continue to bail out banksters and leave working families with the tab.

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