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John Kasich

Republican candidate for Governor Dave Spence is once again making his views on worker’s rights crystal clear. Fresh off a fundraising event held with the union-busting governor of Ohio John Kasich on Tuesday, and his Wednesday campaign stop in Potosi where he proclaimed his opposition to the minimum wage, Spence spent some time last night speaking with the Jefferson County Tea Party.

At the event,Spence again took a swipe at worker’s rights praising the results of the recent Wisconsin recall effort describing it "as a big victory for Missouri."

What a week for Spence and his anti-worker conduct. Who knows what he has in store for us next week. Stay tuned.

See transcript of statements and embedded audio below.

Scott Walker took on tough issues. It was a big victory for Missouri, I think, when he won. Because we have some legacy attitudes in our state that need to change. And that shows that you can have courage and win. Because I think there's a very vocal minority that is very vocal against things like change. And there's a very silent majority like probably a lot of us that nobody that know we need to move forward.”


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