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Jim Moody

From a must-read article in the Christian County Headliner on an event featuring Jim Moody, former Ashcroft Administration official, and Carl Bearden, Sinquefield lackey, check out this condemnation of the Everything Tax inititiatives from Keith Robinette, Ozark accountant and leader on the Ozark Chamber of Commerce’s Legislative Committee: 

Robinette wasn’t shy in offering his opinion on the measure, saying if successful, the change would have a negative impact on Missouri. He said he didn’t think the 7-percent flat state sales tax could offset the revenue generated by the state’s income tax. And, he said, it would adversely impact growing school districts like Ozark.

“The ballot (issue) that’s being circulated in southwest Missouri has a significant amount of exemptions in it, which brings into question how much revenue would be created by this,” he said. “Several areas of concern I have is one, impact on local school districts that are expanding, like in Christian County.”

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