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David Humphreys

Mother Jones obtained audio tapes from a June retreat in Aspen that the Koch Brothers held for other like-minded wealthy conservative business people. During the meeting, Charles Koch may have even -- although it's disputed -- referred to President Obama as “Saddam Hussein” and called the 2012 election “the mother of all wars.”  (See the Koch brothers' photos below.)

Koch Brothers

Also included in the tapes is a thank you to many of the donors who gave over $1 million dollars to the causes that the Koch Brothers support. Included in that list of people to thank, was the Humphreys family – well know donors to Missouri Republican candidates. Here is their family bio from the Mother Jones report:

The Humphreys family: Ethelmae Humphreys is the chair of the board of Tamko Building Products, one of the country's largest independent roofing manufacturers. She also serves on the board of directors of the Cato Institute, a Koch-funded think tank. Her son David is Tamko's CEO. The two have doled out hundreds of thousands of dollars to Republican candidates. That includes David's $25,000 donation to the successful recount effort this year of conservative Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice David Prosser, who came under fire recently for allegations that he choked a fellow justice. (He wasn't charged.)

David Humphreys made news recently for asking prospective Republican gubernatorial candidate Peter Kinder to return over $125,000 in contributions after the ongoing back and forth in the media between Kinder and a former stripper and Penthouse Pet.

The Koch Brothers are known for backing “the movement to discredit climate science and sow doubt on the scientific consensus that human activities contribute to global warming.” They were also prominent backers of Americans for Prosperity and other groups that built up the “Tea Party” movement in 2010.

The extent of the Humphreys donations to organizations supported by the Koch Brothers was unknown until recently because of campaign finance rules that allow their donations to remain anonymous in public filings. 

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