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Bill Reiboldt

Even after failing to receive a second for his original proposal earlier this month at the Missouri Housing and Development Commission hearing, Peter Kinder is again announcing support for his failed policy of eliminating or suspending the prevailing wage in areas deemed a natural disaster.  This time around, Kinder backed the legislation pre-filed by State Reps. Lant, Flanigan and Reiboldt which is similar to the legislation already pre-filed by other radical Missouri republicans from Joplin and other southwest Missouri communities.

Kinder went on to say that an elimination of the prevailing wage is "what the people want" but fails to note that by slashing construction laborers' paychecks by two-thirds, one can definitely assume, would NOT be what the people want.  By slashing the paychecks of those rebuilding their community, the local economy would take yet another hit in the form of workers being unable to assist in stimulating the economy and helping it get back on its feet, not to mention assisting the workers and their families get back on solid financial footing following the historic F5 tornado earlier this year.

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